Dry Needling

What is Dry Needling?

Chiropractor Centreville VA

Myofascial trigger point dry needling (MFTrPDN) is a treatment to restore proper function to abnormally behaving muscles. These muscles become painful with nodules also called knots and tight bands of muscle that can be painful locally or send pain signals to other locations. The muscles, which contain these abnormal areas are "locked" and cannot function normally, which causes restriction of movement and chronic pain. Many methods of treatment are applied to painful muscles but none are quite as effective, fast acting or long lasting as the treatment known as myofascial trigger point dry needling. These nodules or knots develop from overuse, trauma, poor posture, lack of exercise, sleep disturbances, vitamin deficiencies, joint arthritis or nerves being compressed at the spine and other locations. These painful areas contain biochemicals that cause pain to the local nerves, have decreased oxygen flow (called ischemia) causing further pain resulting in muscle fibers to "lock". The reason this method is so effective is that it short-circuits the vicious cycle in a very direct way that other methods cannot accomplish. This treatment allows the muscle contracture to release to its normal length, the circulation to improve, swelling to recede and the chemicals to disperse, thereby removing their noxious effect on local nerves. The treatment utilizes sterile, thin monofilament needles to achieve its goal. The relief is often rapid with a reduction in pain and improved function.

Dr. Baek is certified in Dry Needling Technique with Dr. Fishkin.  Dr. Fishkin, who is recognized as an expert in Dry Needling.  Dr. Baek believes that chiropractors are the best practitioner for the dry needling technique since chiropractors detect all body problem mainly relying on their hands touch, palpation.  We find the problem and needle it.

Dry needling is the one of the state of the art modality in physical therapy.  Acupuncture needle is so fine that most of time patients will not feel the needle when it gets into the skin.